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About me

Welcome to my blog and thanks for reading. I’m just a voter. I’m not an expert and certainly no activist. I’m a lapsed Conservative and a former ministerial bag carrier. I’ve seen politics from the inside and I’m worried. MPs worry more about getting their make up right than the arguments they’re making.

“Don’t worry.. I’ve got the lines to take” they say.

The result? Chrome plated automatons spouting the same buzzwords over and over again. They repeat the lines because they know people aren’t listening and TV will edit everything out but the one-liner they want to get across.

So in fact it is us that are the problem, not the politicians.

I’m bored of this and determined to do something about it, no matter how small. I’m weary of being spoken to as if I’m buying a car, we’re talking about big decisions and they should be treated as such.

But simple virtue-signalling and “clickavism” isn’t good enough. We need to think, not protest. I am not a Corbynite, think Milifandom the most ludicrous thing politics has seen in years. And don’t get me started on Trump, Carson etc.. We need more Merkels and fewer Milibands. More Clinton and less Corbyn.

I am frustrated with the way the UK is going, but optimistic for its future. I hope my children will have the same opportunities I’ve had, but going the way we are I doubt that will happen.

I’m an atheist, humanist, moderately right wing but open to any point of view. I despise tribalism in politics and hope to avoid it at all costs.

Hopefully with this blog I can do my small part in adding something to the debate above simple answer and populist nonsense.