What do ISIL, Jeremy Corbyn & Donald Trump all have in common? The search for purpose

2015 saw the rise of extremism – political, religious, violent, pacifist or some combination. What could possibly connect these apparent polar opposites? The search for a cause to believe in, to fight for. In a world otherwise shorn of principles … Continued

Why the working class need Labour more than ever

In case you missed it Ed Miliband made his return to the House of Commons this week for the first time following his crushing electoral defeat and subsequent humiliating resignation. Far from being greeted by howls of derision and gloating … Continued

Russell Brand is an advert for improving political education

Of all the “highlights” of this election campaign, the “EdStone”, the exit poll bombshell, the lovely six year old summing it all up for us, none were quite as ludicrous or pointless as Ed Miliband’s excruciating interview with Russell Brand; … Continued

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