This Remembrance day let’s remember that pacifism solves nothing

Pacifism may be comfortable and alluring, but it also a dangerous fantasy. If we want to remain peaceful we should remember our forefathers and remain vigilant against those aiming to do us harm. This week sees remembrance day where we commemorate … Continued

Our aging population means we should get used to seeing many more Ms Dorrells

A picture paints a thousand words. Images, or in this case video, have the power to shock and move public opinion in ways opinion pieces rarely do. This week anyone who could summon the courage to watch the normally unbearable … Continued

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour is the new “nasty party”

In 2002 Theresa May famously described the Tory party as “the nasty party”. This week, as she walked into the Conservative party conference through a shower of bile and spittle from the anti-austerity protesters outside, she could be forgiven for … Continued

Someone should tell Jeremy Corbyn substance and style aren’t mutually exclusive

What would you do if you walked into your lawyer’s office and they were wearing a Hawaiian shirt, sandals and cargo shorts? They stand up, shake your hand, sit down and begin discussing the minutiae of your proposed pension arrangements. … Continued

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