What do ISIL, Jeremy Corbyn & Donald Trump all have in common? The search for purpose

2015 saw the rise of extremism – political, religious, violent, pacifist or some combination. What could possibly connect these apparent polar opposites? The search for a cause to believe in, to fight for. In a world otherwise shorn of principles … Continued

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour is the new “nasty party”

In 2002 Theresa May famously described the Tory party as “the nasty party”. This week, as she walked into the Conservative party conference through a shower of bile and spittle from the anti-austerity protesters outside, she could be forgiven for … Continued

Three policies Labour leadership candidates should pursue – but won’t

The nominations for the Labour leadership election are now officially in. The lines are now closed, please don’t call as your vote will not be counted and you will still be charged. The field is confirmed as the 4 horsemen … Continued